Disable What’s New App on xperia devices without root

Got my beautiful XPERIA Z3 compact a couple of days ago and was instantly very annoyed at the completely useless What’s New -app, since it was integrated even in the launcher of all places.. Here’s how to remove it without root, idea fromĀ Get-rid-of-What-s-New

root@Basecamp-Debian:/home/filip# adb shell
shell@D5803:/ $ pm block com.sonymobile.advancedwidget.entrance                
Package com.sonymobile.advancedwidget.entrance new blocked state: true
shell@D5803:/ $ exit

To unblock the app run

pm unblock com.sonymobile.advancedwidget.entrance

Edit: on lollipop replace block with hide!

Move changed files to a separate directory (Linux)

I have previously used hardlinking and rsync to backup my systems. I now have a lot of hardlinked directories with almost the same content in folder structures such as etc.0, etc.1 etcetera (etc.0 being the newest) up to 60.

Cleanup script follows:

for i in {1..60}
        rsync -a --verbose --compare-dest=../etc.$((i-1)) etc.$i/ etc.diff.$i
        find etc.diff.$i -depth -type d -empty -delete